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    Incompetent minions are the worst.

    I just noticed Violet and her soldiers have the same goggles.

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    Reblog with what they’re looking at!

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    Will check back if they draw more, will add them here if they do. Oh, and I forgot to mention that confessions are always open.

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    One more doodle for the night. Since we’ve been on a craze gender bending extravaganza on the blog lately, here’s rule 63 Commander Red and General Black.

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    A Probable Addition [UPDATED]

    To give this blog a bit more life, I’ve been thinking of allowing/asking people to submit confessions (the Muscle Tower arc would’ve been better if x happened, I think x has a y kink, anything), probably as text and I’d slap together an image. On the fence on allowing Tao Pai Pai or Hasky confessions unless it involves the RRA (particularly the army, not the androids), though.

    Thoughts, suggestions?

    edit: I’ve decided to go for it - nothin’ else is going on, you know. So! Click ‘Ask the Commander’ and write your confession. I’ll keep it anonymous even if submitted un-anonymously. Still A-OK to ask whatever you want - I’d appreciate it if you wrote something like ‘Confession: ____ ____’ for ease of differentiation.

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    TS Top 15: Dragon Ball Characters Honorable Mention-
    General Blue
    Out of all the men in the Red Ribbon Army, it was this guy who gave Goku the most trouble. General Blue was described as the most powerful soldier in the Red Ribbon Army. He had some level of enhanced strength and durability. He was able to survive being shocked by an electric eel and then killed it with his bare hands. General Blue’s strongest ability was his psychic ability to paralyze people via his eyes. Aside from the fact that Blue was gay (come on I know I’m not the only one who thought he was), he was also narcissist and arrogant. As a perfectionist, he was possibly the most strict officer in the Red Ribbon Army as he had his men executed for even picking their noses. However, his usefulness to the army was no more once he constantly failed to kill Goku and was killed himself by Mercenary Tao. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXsWSX1AtMY

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